Welcome to Senior Advisors of the East Valley

At Seniors advisors of the East Valley LLC, we provide specialized and unique services to help seniors, baby boomers and veterans. Senior Advisers is a health and life licensed agency that represents Medicare Supplement, advantage and drug plans offered by major health insurance carriers.

What We Do

With the aging population of today, we see that there are issues that cause the senior population to suffer anxiety and other health issues that create crisis situations.

We deal with questions such as what is the difference between a supplement and an advantage plan? How do I qualify for each? Which plan will fit need my basic needs? Will there be additional costs for premiums? What do I do if I have to go into assisted living? How do I pay for this need? etc.

Many times when our phones ring, at the other end is either a family or a senior who needs to have an answer or a problem fixed right now.

About John Null

Seniors advisors is a solution-oriented firm. The owner of the company, John Null, has been living in the East Valley of Arizona since 1976, serving the community in many capacities in the business world. Upon selling his other marketing firm, John was advised by a friend to go into the financial world.

Later, he joined a major financial firm obtaining a securities license, life and health insurance license, setting in motion a career in the financial industry. After several years he looked at the senior market and realized that there were going to be some major issues seniors were going to encounter throughout the remaining days of their lives. Issues such as, failing health, financial concerns, a passing spouse, having to move in with relatives or into assisted living and veterans who were not being well served by our government.

For Seniors - From a Senior!

In 2009, John moved into the senior market because he was a senior, experiencing all the issues that other seniors were facing. One of the most devastating experiences was his wife being struck with Alzheimer’s. Dealing with long-term care, competent care, and working towards end-of-life issues became a daily concern. John’s life experiences made him a unique senior advisor to others.

Also, John is a founding member of Christians in Commerce of the East Valley, a deacon in a multi-denominational church and along with life’s experiences, which instills the ideal of service as a focal point and solutions as a driving force.

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