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Senior Advisors of the East Valley, LLC is a licensed Health and Life Insurance Agency. We provide specialized and unique services to help the Arizona senior community and military veterans. We represent major health insurance carriers offering Medicare Advantage plans, Supplements (Medigap), Prescription Drug plans, and standalone Dental and Vision plans.

John and Cheryl have been busy planning new ways to serve you and bring value to your life and health. We are passionate about serving our seniors from a holistic perspective and advocating for you and your individual needs.

We now offer a variety of Senior Life Workshops covering many of our common senior concerns – including Medicare 101, Core Strengthening and Fall Prevention, Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Long-Term Care Financial Management, Crisis Care Management, Veteran’s Long-Term Care Benefits, and more.

Our Care Team

We are a team of experienced professionals who support our clients with compassion and dedication. For you, facing decisions about Medicare, Health Insurance, Long-Term Care, Disability, and other critical life issues can be overwhelming. We are here to help.

John G Null

John G Null

I have been in the business world for many years including sales management, corporate marketing executive, financial planning, and small business ownership. Turning 65, I learned how convoluted the Medicare system was, so I decided to form my own insurance company. In 2007 Senior Advisors East Valley was created to help others like me navigate the complexities of Medicare health plans. Since then, we have served hundreds of seniors
– helping them decide on their best plan and solving problems together along the way.

Cheryl Armstrong

In 2019, after 25 years in the communications industry, I retired to become a Medicare specialist and small business owner. Partnering with John at Senior Advisors East Valley, I am privileged to serve others in a more personal and meaningful way. Using my experience to help others and provide solutions to meet their needs is my number one goal. I see our business as a gift and being a good steward of our operation is second only to serving our clients with personal care and integrity.

Cheryl Armstrong

What Our Clients Say

“My sister was in the hospital due to complicated health issues. We called John and Cheryl and they put us in contact with a professional group that analyzed our needs and took care of everything from getting my sister into an assisted living facility, selling her house, helping with the financial issues, EVERYTHING and we were so relieved and stress-free. It cost us nothing and we are not their clients, they were there for us.”

~ Mike H.

“We live in Mesa and had to go back to the Midwest for a major family issue for several months. John and Cheryl helped us find doctors and made sure our Advantage plan would work for us. In fact, one of us had to change to a plan that had a national network of doctors. They knew exactly how to accommodate our needs.”

~ Rich A.

“I just had a triple bypass in my heart, I live alone, and needed some meds that I had ordered and nobody to pick them up. I called John and he was kind enough to pick them up and deliver them to me.”

~ David W.

“John, over the years of our association, we have always appreciated your honesty, dedication, and professionalism in the service you have provided to us. Because of your high quality service, we have referred many potential clients to you. Your name is ALWAYS our choice when it comes to a personal health insurance consultant. We look forward to many more years of satisfaction with you and Cheryl.”

~ Mike G.

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Senior Advisors East Valley is a locally owned, full-service advisor for your life and healthcare needs. We passionately serve our clients with integrity and genuine care. Our priority is to be an advocate for you, our valued client. We are licensed and certified health and life insurance agents, representing several major carriers offering Medicare Advantage, Medigap Supplement, Prescription Drug, and standalone Dental and Vision plans.

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We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently, we represent eight organizations which offer a variety of products in your area. Please contact Medicare.gov, 1‑800‑MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program to get information on all of your options.