Medicaid Programs

Medicaid in the United States is a federal and state program that helps with medical costs for some people with limited income and resources. It is subsidized by the federal government and does have some constraints and qualifications. A person has to apply to AHCCCS to obtain benefits which can be for financial assistance to pay for the part B money that is taken out of your social security check.

The benefits for long-term care is also funded through this department, which is ALTCS, Arizona Long Term Care Subsidy. All of these benefits are based on your gross income and entails a complicated application process.

Levels of Benefits

The following are the three levels of benefits available for reimbursement:

Level 1: QMB

Gross income for an individual is $1041per month and for a couple is $1410. The benefit is full payment for part A (which is free) and part B, any and all co-insurances and deductibles.

Level-2: SLMB

Gross income for an individual is $1041.01 to $1249 per month, for a couple is $1401.01 to $1691. The benefit is payment of the part B premium only.

Level-3: QI-1

Gross income for an individual is $1249.01 to $1406 per month, for a couple is $1691.01 to $1903. The benefit is payment the part B premium only.


Qualifications for long-term care requires:

  • Nursing home level of care or equivalent. Which means an individual can have a licensed caretaker in home 24 hours a day.
  • A recipient may be required to pay a share of the costs.
  • The estate recovery program is in question at this time.

If the person is married there are additional requirements that entail a complicated assessments of the person’s assets, gross income, which can be explained by any of our associates who is licensed in this area. It is way too complicated to outline on this page.

If you are veteran of the military and were an active duty during a wartime that person and the spouse are eligible for long-term benefits paid out of the Aid and Attendance fund of the Veterans Administration. The local VA is not the department that you go to because it is an entirely different department.

Steve Dabbs, of Care Funding Solutions, is a certified and licensed consultant for this benefit.

Only 5% of the senior population on a national basis has invested in long-term care insurance. Therefore, this is an area that a professional needs to help you with. Law firms can do this, but it will get very expensive. At Senior Advisors of the East Valley, John can personally walk you through the process.

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